Project Management Services for
Environmental and Citizen Science Projects

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 Here at Project Checkpoint, we want you to experience a project journey that is of minimum stress and maximum joy.


Do you have an idea cooking away in that brilliant mind of yours but feel unsure if it's right for you or your organisation? Or perhaps you are ready to turn your idea into a successful project? No matter where you are right now in your project journey, we have you covered! Project Checkpoint can help you validate your project idea, do the pre-planning work, and set up your project from scratch. How good is that! Wait, it doesn't stop there. We can also help with the set-up of a tailored evaluation and monitoring plan to keep your project on track and meet your grant reporting needs. 


Over the years, we have worked on a number of projects. Thousands of hours spent on successfully setting up and managing projects that stood the test of time. Our past experience has taught us only too well the importance of starting projects with the best possible foundation. Now, we aim to bring you all our expertise and help you maximise your project success. Go ahead and have a sticky beak!


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As passionate, detail-oriented and people-centered Project Management and Evaluation Practitioners, we enjoy approaching every project with a holistic view. A large part of our success stems from our ability to cultivate an intuitive understanding of the needs of the amazing individuals we work with and plan the project from there.

We understand the stress and overwhelm that planning and managing a project can cause to so many dedicated project professionals out there. They put their hearts and soul in everything they do to make an impact but sadly often fall short due to poor planning and management of projects. Now, you have us in your corner! Our project management and evaluation services are designed with you and your available resources in mind. Why? Simple. It is absolutely pointless to give you a product or a solution that is difficult to maintain or apply in the long run. 



  • Australian Citizen Science Association (Australia) - Current

  • Bellingen Riverwatch Team, OzGreen (NSW, Australia)

  • British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (UK) 

  • Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (NSW, Australia)

  • Ecohort Pty Ltd (NSW, Australia) 

  • Faunawatch (Netherlands)

  • National Waterbug Blitz Program Team (Australia) 

  • Natural Resource Commission NSW (NSW, Australia) - Current

  • Liberia Endangered Species Association (Africa) 

  • Women in Conservation (Nepal) 


It has been a fabulous learning experience, your facilitation was superb and the final product is fantastic, really useful. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and also guiding us so that we are better able to articulate the complexity of the project in a more user-friendly way with our stakeholders. 

Ecohort Pty Ltd NSW

Aimee Freimanis