A few projects from our portfolio...

1 Million Turtles Program

Providing program coordination and management support in NSW. This is a community based national citizen science program focused on conserving Australian freshwater turtle species.

ForestEye Pilot

Co-designed, coordinated and tested the pilot design for a long-term community-based forest monitoring citizen science project.

Bellingen Riverwatch 

Evaluated Bellingen Riverwatch, a citizen science project supporting a critically endangered turtle species,  for an end-of-funding reporting.

Changemakers Workshop

Providing situation analysis and strategy review support. Including the design and delivery of an innovative workshop series to engage the local community to lead environmental initiatives.

Program First-Aid

Conducted a thorough situation analysis of a large and complex program and provided solutions to simplify complexity to promote effective communication with stakeholders.

BCR Workshop 

Providing evaluation support with the design and implementation of OzGreen's Building Community Resilience (BCR) workshops.  

Waterbug Blitz App

Evaluated the program's custom-designed app. Waterbug Blitz is a national citizen science program that collects data on waterbugs.